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True tales from the garden... Some of it's gone a bit Pete Tong

You know those gardening stories about how everything is growing a. maz. ing. ly? The gardener has to fight their way through the greenery to actually pick produce?

Yes, that kind of thing...

Well... It's not always like that... The other half of that bed looks like this

There's some stuff growing in it, amongst the weeds, but nothing like what I was hoping for. I know the cats got in this side a bit, even after we put the netting up, but it really hasn't worked.

Then there's the peppers

Or not. Something has clearly feasted on them! And the tomatoes,

I don't know what's up with the ones on the right, they're in the same grow bag as that monster on the left, they were grown from the same bag of seed, in the same conditions and looked equally healthy when they were planted on, but they just haven't thrived.

And some of my beans have black fly

Actually this picture is good news, I've been treating the infestation with a soapy water spray and it's …

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