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Reasons to be cheerful - 2nd August 2018

Well, an interesting week... A good one!
I've been really strict about looking after myself and I've been keeping in touch with my friend to let her know that I have been doing it.
Work has been super- busy...
But that's fine because I've been slowly building up my client list. I've done lots of work to make sure I'm organised and have my workflow sorted.
I've got a few new things in the pipeline which is really exciting too.
Pen and paper...
I've come to the conclusion that I really do work better when I do my first draft on paper. I tried a couple of weeks of working straight onto the computer, but it just doesn't work for me. Getting back to drafting on paper has completely freed me up and I've been able to get back to working properly (yay).
Back to blogging... Good news! Having got back to writing on paper, the words are flowing and I'm really feeling happy about getting back to blogging.
I've also ditched the editorial calendar I&…
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Reasons to be cheerful - 26th July 2018

This week my reason to be cheerful is... I reached out and I asked for help. I got in a real state, and I know it's just menopause related, but I got in a real pickle, in floods of tears and feeling just awful. And instead of crying and then dusting myself off with a (very), wet hanky, I messaged a friend and poured it all out and she gave me a good talking to and has made me message her every day since to tell her what I'm doing to look after myself. And if I don't do it, she messages me and gives me what for. We've been friends since we started high school in 1980 and we've supported each other through all sorts of shit over the years, from boys to cancer and all things in between, so there's no pretending with her of going "but I'll be fine", 'cos she knows when I'm not being honest with myself or anyone else. And do you know what? I've felt so much better and got so much more done for just admitting that I was feeling crap and hav…

Reasons to be cheerful - 19th July 2018

Clearing out the crap... To be honest, my biggest reason to be cheerful this week involved vampires (not the ones I write about). I've cleared loads of crapola out of my life and I'm feeling fab for it. That includes not having blogged since last week, because - you know what - I was trying too hard to be something I'm not and trying too hard to tick boxes and be like other people.
I have spent a lot of time this week in my garden looking at the sky and being grateful for what I have and the fantastic life I'm building for myself.
And that's it. That's my reason to be cheerful this week, I am thankful, for all the positive people in my life and for having the courage to get rid of the stuff that was making me sad.

Embracing my geekness....

Today (13th July 2018), is "Embrace Your Geekness Day", and I've been doing just that all day on my social media feeds by sharing these 9 pictures as a photography project...

And why, you ask?

Because my geekness is Steampunk, and these are some of my go-to accessories.

I love dressing up in odd combinations of Victorian/Edwardian/Pirate/Adventurer/Explorer gear to enjoy tea duelling, automatons, wild and wacky inventions and just huge amounts of fun.

And vampires are wrapped up in there somewhere with my geekness. Not clowns though... I hate clowns.

Reasons to be cheerful - 12th July 2018

I seem to have been sooo busy since last Thursday, but here goes... Last Saturday saw serious fun at the Maindee Festival, a free community arts festival. I was performing 2 poems and also MC-ing 30 minute set by my writing group in the Spoken Word tent. I didn't take any pictures, but you can check out my poems here. Sunday was this one's birthday I can't believe he's 19 now, so I have just one more year of having a teenaged son! True to form I managed to make him a cake without him realising, so I was ab;e to present him with this on Sunday morning (made in a very fraught three-hour window when he was out of the house on Friday! Monday was yoga
in 29.4-degree heat (yay), and I had a punt at taking a photo of myself doing the boat pose. As I suspected, it didn't really work! And apart from all that I've just been writing and watering the garden. The crops have definitely suffered from this hot spell, but I am managing to harvest a bit and I've dis…

In the spotlight...

On Saturday I did something I haven't done for a long time, I took to a stage, not just to perform some of my work, but also to MC some other writers in a 30 minute set in a Spoken Word tent and a local community arts festival. And guess what? I loved it!

I hadn't really realised how much I missed performing and being on a stage with a mic...

I shall be looking for more opportunities to be doing it again soon.

I don't have any pictures to post, because I was busy doing my thing and being slightly scared that my parents were in the audience (eek!)

Anyway, watch this space for updates on what I do next.

Let me eat cake...

Today (10th July 2018), is Teddy Bears Picnic Day, nobody seems to know why. Anyway, I didn't have a picnic - even though the weather has sorted itself out a bit, and it does actually feel like it's safe to go outdoors. But I have been thinking about healthy eating and weight loss - or lack thereof.
I've been eating healthily (ish), and exercising more for a few months now and though I've lost quite a few inches from my arms, thighs, chest (ok, boobs), waist and hips, I haven't lost any actual weight for a while. I got a bit despondent about this until I realised that what I've actually done is lost fat, but gained muscle because I'm doing a lot of yoga.
If I was only weighing, I'd have given up ages ago and figured I was just not going to lose any weight, but I only half-heartedly weigh now and then celebrate the decreasing inches I'm measuring each week.
I like healthy food.

These zoodles (or courgetty), with pesto and pumpkin seeds, were really …