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Return of the cat lady

I got my first cat in 1998 as a 40th birthday present. Snoopy was my constant companion until 2013 when old age and failing organs meant that I had to have him put to sleep.

Fast forward to 2016 when I'd moved back to Wales with my son. We'd agreed that we'd look for a new cat once we were settled, and with his 18th birthday approaching, his grandparents offered to buy him a cat and all the bits...
We were clear we wanted to get a rescue cat and after some research we found...

The only thing was, Harry was inseparable from...

Leo. And I couldn't split them could I? So, at the beginning of July 2017, I welcomed them into my home and became a slave to two masters!

You can follow their on-going exploits on this blog.

Yes, I'm a Lister...

I'm a lister, I make lists of everything, because I can't keep everything in my head.

I used to and never really forgot anything, especially not the important stuff. Then a few years back when I had chemo after cancer, I had to write everything down, because if it wasn't written down it didn't get done. In fact I often didn't even remember I'd talked about it or agreed to do something.

I got better, but I didn't stop listing and I really enjoy being able to collect lists of things I don't want to forget, and I really enjoy being able to cross tasks of my lists as I achieve them.

It has to be on paper though, I can't do it on my computer or my phone, I have to write it with a pen. It has to be in my notebook (I tried random bits of paper, not a good plan).

Is my notebook pretty?

It's a bit colourful and I like it, but it's not as pretty as some I've seen in the planner community.

For me though, the fact that it's a practical tool trum…

Welcome to my world

Hello, thank you for dropping by, I hope you enjoy your stay.
This is my adventure journal, charting my path to one of those big, milestone birthdays... Yes, in October 2018 I'm 50, so I thought it would be fun to open the book on what life throws at me.
So if you want cats, gardening, cats, cooking, cats, clothes, cats, family, cats, self care and cats, then this is the place for you.
Sarah x