Yes, I'm a Lister...

I'm a lister, I make lists of everything, because I can't keep everything in my head.

I used to and never really forgot anything, especially not the important stuff. Then a few years back when I had chemo after cancer, I had to write everything down, because if it wasn't written down it didn't get done. In fact I often didn't even remember I'd talked about it or agreed to do something.

I got better, but I didn't stop listing and I really enjoy being able to collect lists of things I don't want to forget, and I really enjoy being able to cross tasks of my lists as I achieve them.

It has to be on paper though, I can't do it on my computer or my phone, I have to write it with a pen. It has to be in my notebook (I tried random bits of paper, not a good plan).

Is my notebook pretty?

It's a bit colourful and I like it, but it's not as pretty as some I've seen in the planner community.

For me though, the fact that it's a practical tool trumps the pretty. I'm far more "function" than "form", but I do use colour and stickers and washi tape when the mood takes me.

How do you keep your life in order?


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