Desert Island Discs - Part 1

I love the idea of Desert Island Discs, choosing the music and thinking about how those particular tunes have shaped my life.

Thinking about a book I'd be happy to re-visit time and again and then choosing my ultimate luxury.

So join me as I take you through my choices...

Track 1

Vienna by Ultravox

This was the first seven inch single I ever bought. If I hadn't had this on my list all my school friends would have been up in arms. I loved the theatricality of the song and the video.

I loved the whole New Romantic era, but I wasn't really brave enough or confident enough in myself to really dress like that or be anything more than an observer.

Track 2

The theme tune to TV show Hawaii 5-0

Not because of the show, although I did like it, but because of my school Big Band.

I played the double bass in the school orchestra and band and our big finish number at every band concert was this number. It simply reminds me of many fun times with friends, performing and winding up Mrs Newman, the music teacher and conductor.

Track 3

Lavender by Marillion

I discovered Marillion through their single "Garden Party", and then bought lots of their albums.

Anyway, this song is one of my favourites, although I could have chosen pretty much any of their songs.

Track 4

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Roger Daltrey

It has to be this version of the song. It comes from the soundtrack of The Lost Boys, my favourite vampire movie.

Join me tomorrow for part 2


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