Desert Island Discs - Part 2

I love the idea of Desert Island Discs, choosing the music and thinking about how those particular tunes have shaped my life.

Thinking about a book I'd be happy to re-visit time and again and then choosing my ultimate luxury.

Yesterday I took you through my first four track choices, today we'll look at tracks five to eight...

Track 5

Mighty Quinn by Manfred Mann

Manfred Mann actually split up as a band in 1969, but I've always been aware of their songs. And then I discovered The Manfreds, original members of the band and other great musicians playing a variety of hits and R&B and jazz music, I've seen them live a couple of times and I just love them.

Track 6

Secret World by Peter Gabriel

I love his music and theatricality. When I was pregnant with my son this song would always soothe his wriggles and when he was a toddler he used to come and curl up on my lap when he heard it.

Track 7

Dunluce by Gary Moore

I was introduced to Gary Moore's music when I was at university. I wish I could play the guitar like he did.

Track 8

Astradyne by Ultravox

Back to Ultravox for my final choice, and this fantastic instrumental number that I find really inspirational when I'm working.

Join me tomorrow for my book choice, my luxury and the track I would take if I could only choose one.