How does your (unplanned) garden grow?

I hadn't planned to grow anything in my garden this year, but then I bought some tomato seeds and my dad had a couple of spare bean plants, I had some strawberry plants and a blackberry bush but I wasn't expecting much to happen from those, However...

The beans have gone bonkers in the seemingly popular for beans soil. I've even been able to give some to my neighbours on either side of my house. 

I love green beans and they're currently selling for £2.00 a pound locally, so I'm really happy.

I've picked close to 7lbs of blackberries (and still counting), we've used some for pies and had some with yoghurt for breakfast, and I'm collecting recipes to make some other things.

The tomatoes are growing, but I left it a bit late to plant them, so although there's fruit on them I don't think they'll ripen, so I might end up experimenting with green tomato chutney.

We're slowly clearing and re-modelling bits of the garden, which is great exercise and also a great way to spend time with my parents, who're helping me. 

I'm in the process of actually planning what to grow next year, which considering I've had such success this year, I'm really excited about. What this space to see where it goes next.


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