Reasons to be cheerful - 10th August 2017 #R2BC

Lots of reasons to be cheerful and positive this week, so here we go...

1) The cats have both cracked cat flaps.

Yes, Harry and Leo are now both dab hands at getting in and out of the cat flaps. They're happily exploring the garden and the local area. They don't go very far, but I'm hoping they go far enough so that they no longer need litter trays ;-)

2) The garden is growing.

I hadn't really planned to grow anything this year, but I planted a few tomatoes and beans and pruned and tied up the blackberry bushes and everything is growing!

3) I'm writing again.

Not just this blog, but I'm also pitching articles and I've already been commissioned by one editor to write some stuff. Watch this space for further details about what I'm going to be writing about. I'm very excited to be back on the freelancing train though.


  1. Thanks for joining in on your return! Yay to cat flaps and a bountiful garden.

  2. Hi Sarah, welcome to R2BC - we're a happy little group but not exclusive. I hope you'll be a regular.

  3. The blackberries look delicious!

    1. They are indeed, my son made a blackberry and apple pie out of them yesterday (yummy)


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