Reasons to be cheerful - 24th August 2017

Well, this week has been a busy one, but here are my reasons to be cheerful...

1) The garden continues to grow, there are beans a plenty ready to be picked.

Enough even to gift some to my next door neighbour.

And, there are tomatoes on the tomato plants!

I planted the seeds a bit late really and although the plants are in my greenhouse they're growing pretty slowly. My dad - who I think is trying for a BBC Comedy Award - says I can make green tomato chutney, if nothing else... Cheers dad.

2) Sunshine


I like a bit of sunshine and so do Leo and Harry. Both have now worked out how to use the cat flaps, so they're constantly in and out. Leo has lost his collar and ID tag, but I think he did it on purpose, because he was looking pretty smug when he came home without it.

3) Writing commissions

The editor I've been waiting on commissioned three pieces, which is great and I'm waiting to hear back from two other editors who have pieces under consideration... Things are looking up.


  1. I can only grow weeds & roses! Yay to sunshine and paid work. Thanks for joining in

  2. Well done on the growing things, something which is completely beyond me and green tomato chutney is so very tasty as it goes. Lovely cats and envious of writing assignments. Good reasons!

  3. Love the sunshine, the beans look delicious, and great that you're getting writing assignments, hope they go well x

  4. You're a few steps of me - my vegetable garden is still in seed form in the packets.


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