Reasons to the cheerful 4th August 2017 #R2BC

It's a loooong time since I've taken part in this linky... But I'm back.

Here are my reasons to be cheerful this week.

1) How my garden is growing
I've been back in this house a year now and I've made a start at growing fruit and vegetables. I've got green beans and tomatoes coming along nicely and I've already harvested 4lbs of blackberries.

I'll be looking to grow a lot more next year, but watch this space for recipes using the stuff I'm growing and to see my plans for next year.

2) Mad cat lady
I've had the cats for a whole month now and they're just beginning to venture outside. The more timid of the two is being far more adventurous, which has been really interesting to see.

3) Self care
I spent the whole of July focusing on self care and look after myself much better and I'm planning to keep at it. Another one to watch this space for.


  1. Welcome back, like me it looks like you've started afresh with a new blog.. Good to read good news, especially the self care, I find it hard to do, even though I know it's important x


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