Walking, it's just putting one foot in front of the other...

Well, that's what I told someone once, when I was justifying how I was going to manage a 25k walk having done precisely NO training or preparation.

Walking is a BIG THING now for the middle aged, as reported here by the BBC. I fall slap bang in the middle of this age group, being 50 next year, but thankfully I walk briskly for 10 minutes more than once a month.

Yesterday I headed out for a bank holiday stroll with my mum and my son. My parents (both in their 70s), have always been keen walkers. My mum was a district nurse in the 1960s and walked to most of her calls. Neither are very tall, but they both walk pretty speedily. My son is over six feet tall, so he just seems to walk quickly because he has long legs, so it doesn't take him long to get places. All this is basically to stress that the speed my just over five feet tall body goes at, has a bit to do with coming from a fast-walking family, and needing to scuttle to keep up with my son.

Anyway, the sun was shining (clearly the weather gods had forgotten it was a bank holiday), and we set out to for a walk, it was lovely, we saw some pigs, lots of other walkers and cyclists and we stopped for the obligatory coffee and cake/tea and cake/orange juice and scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on toast.

I wasn't really thinking about steps or active minutes or anything other than enjoying the sunshine and the company, so imagine my surprise when I uploaded the data from my Fitbit and discovered...

Absolutely NOT a normal fay for me - as evidenced by the fact that today I've managed to rack up a mighty 1645 steps to mid-afternoon, and probably won't get beyond 4000 (I'll update this post later with today's stats).

Update on an ordinary day's walking...

Anyway, Id already been thinking about what all this walking for health in middle age means, so keep an eye on the blog this week for further walking related updates.


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