Did I do my Active 10?

I've been slightly obsessed with Public Health England's report on middle aged walking, as reported by the BBC. Even though I live in Wales, I do fall slap bang in the middle of the age group the report is talking about.

I walk, and walk briskly most of the time, but I thought I'd download the Active 10 App to see whether it would help me track my walking, and honestly, I'm not very impressed.

It's user-friendly and easy to set up, but I just found it made me feel a bit down about my walking; let me explain...

In order for the App to work, you have to carry your phone with you wherever you go. For most working people this in unlikely to be possible as many workplaces simply don't allow you to have your phone on you during work hours. That means that you can only track steps before and after work and during breaks. Okay, that still gives you lots of walking minutes to track, but not all the movement you've done in a day.

I wear a Fitbit most days, and the difference in picture is HUGE.

Here are my Active 10 stats from one day:

Okay, I achieved 32 "brisk minutes", so I did three and a bit active 10s, yay! But, here are my Fitbit stats from the same day:

Obviously I can wear the Fitbit all the time, and believe me, knowing that I'd done 8,000 steps and had achieved almost five active 10s made me feel a lot better.

Carrying a phone around all day is impossible for most people, I wouldn't even do it on a weekend, and so - for me - the Active 10 App won't really give me the motivation or reward that I crave for putting the effort in. In fact, it wouldn't even encourage me to up my game, because I might choose to be more active during my work day, but I wouldn't be able to track that, as I'm not able to carry my phone.

What if I don't have a smartphone?

It bothers me that so many things today assume that everyone has a smartphone, constantly has it with them, and always has it switched on. That just isn't the case, especially for people in the target age group, so I think it would be nice for PHE to have come up with alternative ways for people to measure whether they're actually achieving their active 10s.

What do you think?

Do you manage to do 10 active minutes every day? How do you measure them? Leave a comment below.


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