Falling out of love with my planner

I've been bullet journalling for a while now and I had been really enjoying the process of setting up weekly and monthly spreads (not using loads of decoration or anything), and it was working. Now though, I've got quite a bit of future planning to do, not just "this is happening in this month, or this week", but rather that "this needs to happen that week, what else is going on then?" And so a conventional week-to-view diary is becoming more my 'go to' planner, with a daily to-do list appearing more often in my notebook or just on a piece of paper on my desk.

I was also struggling quite a lot with the fact that with a daily journal, a bujo, a week-to-view diary, a notebook, a book for creative challenges and one for self-care routines, I was already up to SIX notebooks that I was working in. Add to that attempting to keep a Google Calendar running as well and my brain was beginning to explode. So I knew it was time to get real and simplify.

I've gotten rid of everything except my week-to-view diary and one notebook. It's not even an uber expensive one, just one I like the look of, it has no page numbers or index if I want to remember there's a useful list or set of notes in it I'll just pop a Post-It Note flag on the page.

I'm also unfollowing all of the bullet journalling communities I've been following on social media. I was finding myself unfavourably comparing my efforts (which were working perfectly for me), with other people's and it was distracting me.

I'm not knocking or blaming anyone else. I was beating myself up about not just not doing, but not being interested enough to try other people's ideas or learn other people's techniques. I was getting overwhelmed by the fact that I just wasn't that bothered, my interest was genuinely in the functional aspects, not the look of the thing.

Anyway, now that I've decided to stop, I feel much better. I've found myself carrying less stuff in my bag, worrying less about whether I'm putting the 'wrong' stuff in a particular book and feeling less pressured to share pictures of setups and creations on social media.

My new "this is fine, it does the job for me", attitude and "nobody needs to see this but me" outlook has completely calmed a big chunk of my time and helped my productivity because now I simply need to get the job done with the minimum of tools and fuss,

Is there something causing you overwhelm or stress that you could let go of to help simplify your life?


  1. I am glad that you found something new that works for you. I plan in an ARC discbound planner (even though I follow a lot of BuJo people). I divide my days into home/work and make lists in there then I have month view too. I like it.
    I completely understand the pressure of following other planners though it can be overwhelming and disheartening.

    SO lad you found something new though and I hope it continues to help!

    1. I'm getting closer to my perfect system, not there yet though.

  2. Yes, it's all about finding what works for YOU. I have my beloved Filofax for all appointments and planning what I have to do and when. I have one notebook for daily journaling and writing down ideas, taking meeting notes etc. - everything for daily life. Then I have one other purely for client meetings. Loads easier

    1. That's interesting that you do your journalling in your general notebook, I might have to think about that.


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