I've bean and done it (oh yes I have)

I've frozen some of my runner beans without blanching them!

I've prepped them and just popped them into a freezer bag and bunged them into the freezer.

I'm the only one who really likes beans in this house and the four plants I put in went a bit mad and produced LOADS of beans. I gave some to my next door neighbours on both sides and I've eaten my own weight in fresh beans, but the warm, damp weather just recently has brought masses of fruit on.

Anyway, I'll use the frozen ones in soups and stews, so I don't think it'll matter if the quality dips a little bit. I'll report back in a week or so to let you know how they do.

If you have any favourite runner bean recipes, do feel free to share them with me, there are still plenty of meals worth of beans in the garden.


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