Masters of the universe

We've had Harry and Leo just over two months now and they have completely taken over our lives.

We knew this would happen, but we still find ourselves doing daft things "because the cats..." I have caught myself:
  • Making sure the throw on the chair they favour is perfectly placed and tidy.
  • We spent 10 minutes outside in the dark the other night when fireworks were set off locally, frantically calling and shaking boxes of crunchy food. We were beside ourselves with worry, but when the cats appeared looking calm, and frankly smug, we still showered them with treats and snuggles.
  • They're always fed first.
  • I know full well if he gets the chance Harry will sit on my laptop keyboard, but I still let him climb on my desk.
  • And instead of throwing them out when I go to bed, I let them snuggle up on my bed and I move rather than disturbing them.
Having been slave to a feline master for 15 years with my first cat, I was determined that it wouldn't happen this time, but their little faces and that special magic cats seem to have to find the exact people who will cater to their every whim struck about five minutes after Leo and Harry came into out lives...

...And we wouldn't change them for the world.

Tomorrow, find out the new tasty snack the boys have discovered...


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