Not warm

autumn is definitely upon us, it is not warm, especially in the early mornings , the evenings and if I'm sitting down during the day rather than being active.

I'm still trying to go for a walk every day, which is working out as long as I pick my moments (I'm not keen on walking in the rain to be honest, although nine years of living in Lancashire made me used to it).

What with it only being mid-September, I don't want to use all my warming techniques too soon, so I will put extra layers on; I will have a hot water bottle if I'm sitting down, but not to take to bed yet; and although I've out the thicker bedspread on, I've yet to get out the extra blanket.

Don't get me wrong, I do like autumn and the changing of the year.

I love the constant pot of comforting soup or stew on my stove; warm puddings and thick, gloopy porridge (never the made with water, salty porridge of my Scottish Grandpa).

The changing colours of the leaves, the garden going to sleep (yesterday's grass cut 'may' have been the last of the season), the planning of next year's planting.

Sitting down at night with some knitting or a good book cwtched under a rug with a hot drink next to me.

Even though I still have to work, I find autumn to be a restful time, conducive to slowing down and recharging my batteries.

What are you top tips and recipes for comforting autumn days and nights?


  1. We had a few days of Autumn weather and now it is supposed to be 90 for the next few days again, and I am in Vermont, US. It should be nice and crisp already. I want to wear more boots and sweaters but the weather is preventing that here :/
    I love to snuggle up with a blanket and a good book during this time of year (when it is actually getting cold) and we do chili in the crock pot


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