Reasons to be cheerful - 28th September 2017


Wow, what a week! Here are my reasons to be cheerful...

1) New Job
I started a new job this week, outside writing and education, but I am so excited by the whole thing.

I'm going to be working on the shop floor for an amazing company, with a great bunch of people. Fun times are definitely ahead.

2) Autumn
I love the onset of autumn, the snuggly clothes, cwtching up with a hot chocolate and a good book, collecting conkers.

3) All about me
I signed up to do a challenge this week in a Facebook Group I belong to that was designed to make you more visible to clients and customers. It was designed to last all week and I made exactly one day of it before I got it crystal clear in my head that I actually didn't want to be more visible.

Actually I realised that I want to invest my energy in and on myself and the projects that I'm really interested in and that means being a bit *gasp* selfish.

I'm going to be focusing on me and my family and sharing the things that I'm interested in, so there'll be more blogging and maybe even some vlogging and going live on Instagram.

All in all this has been a great week and it's left me really excited for what's coming up in the weeks ahead. Things are looking good. x

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Ooh exciting times and yes I love autumn too!

  2. Well done on taking a selfish step for you, it is hard at first but very necessary and enjoy that new job. Mich x #R2BC


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