Reasons to be cheerful - 7th September 2017

A busy week this week, but here are my reasons to be cheerful...

1. Fresh air...
I've made a concerted effort to get outside and walk this week. I've got some miles in just by choosing to walk rather than taking the bus and also by choosing to take the scenic routes rather than always plumping for the quickest ways.

2. Making healthy choices...
It's so to eat fast food, pre-prepared food, drink too much caffeine and too much alcohol and to do nothing, you don't even have to think about it.

This week I've made a conscious effort to choose the healthier path:
  • Drinking more fluid
  • Drinking less caffeine
  • Eating more fresh fruit and veg
  • Focusing on the positives, not the stuff that's draining
  • Getting more stuff done rather than merely doing the minimum
3. Plans coming together...
I've got a plan that I'm working on and when it all comes together it will make my life even better than it is now. If all goes well all the bits should be in place by the end of September and I'll be in a position to tell you more about it. I will just say that I'm very excited about the path I'm following and that if it all works out it'll be awesome!

So that's my week, hope yours has been as positive x

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart


  1. This is a wonderful list. My husband and I have been going on evening walks and I am loving them. It is time together and without tv or phones :) plus it is exercise.

  2. Ohh this sounds great. Good luck with that plan, I hope it all comes together wonderfully. Mich x #R2BC

  3. I'm intrigued by the plan. Good luck with that and well done on your healthy choices this week.

  4. Well done on the healthy food and exercise, and good luck with the plan too!



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