It's one of those weeks, I'm waiting for people to get back to me about various projects and until I get responses I can't really move on, because without the answers I can't plan what to do or where to go next.

Just one answer would be helpful, two would be great, three would be fab, and if all four actually came in that would be awesome.

Like with so many things in life though, I've become part of a chain, some of the answers I need are dependent on other people feeding information to the people I'm waiting on to get back to me.

And so I'm (im)patiently waiting for the phone to ring or my email to ping to give me the answers I need so I can plan my next steps.

I am not one of life's natural waiters. If I have an idea or a job to do I want to action it then and there because I'm a 'doer'. The realistic bit of my brain knows that other people have priorities and targets different to my own, so I need to wait for me to reach the top of their pile, but that doesn't stop me being super-restless.

Luckily I do have some projects on the go that don't require input from anyone else before I take the next steps, so I'm not completely stuck for things to be working on.

What are you waiting for that's stopping you from moving forward?