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Reasons to be cheerful - 30th November 2017

It's been a bit of a week... I've had no hot water/heating/gas cooker since last Thursday when I was supposed to get a new gas cooker NOT a hole in my gas pipe. Anyway, there are plenty of things to be cheerful about, so here goes... 1) 
I've been doing lots of planning and preparing for 2018, I'm 50 in October, so I'm planning to do a few special things throughout the year to celebrate.
The elves are coming! Yes, I know there are no little children in my house, but we still enjoy the fun of a Christmas elf in the house during December, so keep an eye out for the pictures I share of his adventures.
3) Writing fiction - Yay, I joined a writing group a few weeks ago and I'm really enjoying writing fiction, which I haven't done for quite a while. If you want to read my latest scribble you can read it here *WARNING: i's a little bit dark*

Wordless Wednesday - 29th November 2017

Making a plan and sticking to it (Or why meal planning is only the first step!)

I've been asked lots of times about meal planning and following through to actually doing the plan, so I thought I'd do a post about that.

There are LOADS of videos on You Tube telling you how to meal plan, but here are the basics.

1) Don't spend loads of money buying boards/planners/ stickers/stuff... The back of an envelope will do.

2) Make a plan

3) Shop the plan

4) Stick to the plan (broadly speaking, it's fine to allow some wiggle room)

So, here's what works for me, what works for you will probably be different, but play around with some different ways until you find the best one.

Choose a time to do your meal planning - This is usually Sunday evening for me, especially as I tend not to be in work on Monday, so I do my shopping then. Not leaving too much time between making the plan and executing it works really well for me.Work out what you're doing in the week - Get your calendar/diary/phone/wherever you keep all your appointments and schedules for your …

Reasons to be cheerful - 23rd November 2017

1) I've had a bit of a change round of furniture in the house, so I've created this lovely little corner in my sitting room... 2) Instead of just writing meal plans, I've actually shopped for it and followed it this week, so there was quite a lot of this going on...

3) And - as ever - there are these two...

who have suddenly turned into fearless mousers and are leaving regular little presents by the pantry door (clever boys).

Wordless Wednesday - 22nd November 2017

Planning is just the first step...

Planning is great isn't it? But if planning is as far as you get, it's a huge waste of time.

I've recently got my act together big time and started actually carrying out my plans, this mostly comes from the fact that working in retail has given me more time than I had before, but has also given me the opportunity to be more creative and do more things, so planning and acting on the plans means that I'm more organised and also that I'm spending less money because I'm cooing more and making more.

Being organised also means that I can actually switch off and not need to worry that things aren't getting done or are being forgotten about.

I do have a confession though...

Those of you who know me will know that I'm a pen and paper girl, but slowly over the last few weeks I've begun to use Google Calendar and Trello (a project management app), to do lots of my planning electronically (EEP!!!!)

Even more of an eep is the fact that it's actually working …

Silent Sunday - 19th November 2017

Reasons to be cheerful - 16th November 2017

Eagle eyed readers will have noticed that I dropped off the blogging perch last month. No big dramas, stuff just happened and I got increasingly more and more busy, my focus changed and I didn't really sit down and get everything re-organised until this week. Anyway, reasons to be cheerful... 1) My new job was a big risk, but it's been the best thing I've done all year! I love it and I also have more time to do other things, so it's a win, win situation. 2) These two: 
"We'll just sleep in the one bed mummy, it's fine"
3) My new-found energy and just being all-round happier, along with finding a group to attend every fortnight, has got me back into writing fiction, and I am loving it.