Planning is just the first step...

Planning is great isn't it? But if planning is as far as you get, it's a huge waste of time.

I've recently got my act together big time and started actually carrying out my plans, this mostly comes from the fact that working in retail has given me more time than I had before, but has also given me the opportunity to be more creative and do more things, so planning and acting on the plans means that I'm more organised and also that I'm spending less money because I'm cooing more and making more.

Being organised also means that I can actually switch off and not need to worry that things aren't getting done or are being forgotten about.

I do have a confession though...

Those of you who know me will know that I'm a pen and paper girl, but slowly over the last few weeks I've begun to use Google Calendar and Trello (a project management app), to do lots of my planning electronically (EEP!!!!)

Even more of an eep is the fact that it's actually working for me, and I'm utterly thrilled that it's all going so well.


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