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Reasons to be cheerful - 28th December 2017

Family, food and fun! Let's face it, I'm not really here, I scheduled this post last week, because I'm actually enjoying the holiday and time with my family. I hope you're enjoying some downtime as well x

This week I will be mostly - 24th December 2017

Celebrating Christmas with my family xx

Reasons to be cheerful - 21st December 2017

Planning 2018

I've spent a good bit of this week planning for 2018. I'm looking forward to doing much more freelance writing, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as blogging throughout the coming year. Exciting times ahead!
Preparing for Christmas

I've made a concerted effort to be super-organised this year, so I actually find myself ahead of the game! We're ready for a really enjoyable family Christmas.
I'm looking forward to being able to switch off on Friday, once I get home from work that evening, I'll be switching off and getting ready to enjoy a couple of weeks without work.

Planning for 2018

I've spent a great couple of days preparing for 2018 with these two excellent books; the "Media Diary 2018" from Soulful PR with Janet Murray and "Your Best Year 2018" by Lisa Jacobs. Both were recommended by people I trust, and having made a start on planning the year, I believe that they're both going to be excellent tools to help me get what I want out of 2018.

I took a break from freelancing in 2015 and have only recently started again, having settled in my new home and got myself really focused on what I want to be doing.

2018 is set to be my year of "growth", my word for 2017 was "create", and having managed to create a solid starting point, I'm ready to grow in all areas of my life and work.

I'll be using both these books to track my progress and I will check in with you over the year to let you know how I'm getting on.

What's your word/phrase for 2018 and how are you planning to track your progress?

This week I will mostly be... 17th - 23rd December

Simple goals for this week really...

Firstly I'll be making the final preparations for Christmas. This mostly means doing a final food shop and then making sure I've got all my timings planned for the various cooking that I'm doing.

Secondly, I'll be making sure I have a bit of quiet time. Everywhere and everyone seems so busy at the moment, so I'll be cwtching down and enjoying a book and a coffee as much as I can.

What are your plans for this week?

Reasons to be cheerful - 14th December 2017

So, I'm a bit late to the party this week, life and all that.

But here are my reasons to be cheerful...1) My new cooker is amazing... I hadn't realised how duff my old cooker was, but compared to my shiny new one it was really slow. I knew the oven wasn't as efficient as it could be (even before it stopped working all together), but the new one is making cooking pleasurable again.2) Writing/blogging is picking up... Probably because I've actually been putting the effort into making things happen, they actually are. I'd been planning making 2018 the year of getting properly back into freelancing, but it seems to be starting a little bit earlier than I'd anticipated. I'm very happy about it though.3) Christmas is coming... Putting the decorations up always marks the real start of Christmas for me. I'm hoping the cats continue to be as disinterested in the tree as they've been since it went up yesterday afternoon.

Elf on the Shelf... It's fun Jim!

Regular readers will know that there are no young children in my house, so you might be intrigued as to why I do elf on the shelf; 24 days of fun set ups with a little elf in the run up to Christmas Day. Honestly? It's great fun and also it's a great opportunity for a bit of self care.

A few months ago I planned 24 scenarios for the elf to do and bought and collected the bits to stage them. Each night I check my list and set up and photograph whatever I've planned for the next day. Sometimes the elf is playing games...

Sometimes he's bringing little treats...

And sometimes he's getting up to mischief...

But most importantly it's fun and it keeps the magic alive!

What do you do to create fun and self care in your life?

This week I will mostly be... 10th - 16th December 2017

1) Getting back to meal planning... With the lack of gas over the last couple of weeks meal planning largely went out of the window, but now I have a cooker (yay!), we'll be back to cooking from scratch most of the time.

2) Putting up the Christmas deccies... I always do it around the 16th. This year we've got the two cats and I'm not entirely sure how they're going to react to the tree and lots of sparkly stuff about the house... Watch his space.

3) Writing group... I'll be off to my writing group on Saturday. I really enjoy it, even though I'm always nervous about reading what I've written. We're a really supportive bunch and the feedback is always positive. It's great to get together with like-minded people in real life, so I'm glad my mum found the group for me.

What are your plans for this week?

Reasons to be cheerful - 7th December 2017

1) After a day of sawing, drilling, cutting, etc, etc, and then a new bit in the boiler...We have gas! Yes, our heating, hot water and cooker are now working - the gas is fixed! SO happy after 12 days without it.

2) This morning Boyzilla was greeted by a dead RAT outside the sitting room. Whilst yucky (but not as yucky as if I'd had to clean it up), it makes me hugely proud that my cats are, well, cats.

3) The two planning tools I ordered for 2018 to help me move forward with my plans to do more writing have arrived and I'm looking forward to spending big chunks of the next four days exploring them and planning for a fantabulous year.

Could electronic planning work for me?

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I would have shouted loudly, "I'm a paper girl".

I love stationery, notebooks, calendars, diaries, pens, pencils, the lot. I've vaguely toyed with putting appointments into Google Calendar before, but I've always kept paper planners as well. Imagine my surprise then when electronic planning sort of crept up on me...

Let's face it, whatever sized bag you take out with you, you always take your phone. If you decide not to take a bag and just put stuff in your pockets, you always take your phone. So I just started keeping my Google Calendar updated because it made sense to have my up to date schedule with me all the time. I still had a paper calendar on my kitchen wall and I still had a paper diary in my bag (and I have 2018 versions of both ready to go in the new year). So far not very surprising...

The surprise came with an electronic to do list.

When I was working as a Virtual Assistant, I used Trello to track projects and keep an e…

This week I will mostly be... 3rd - 9th December 2017

Usually on a Sunday I've been posting a Silent Sunday picture, but I've decided to change things up a bit on the blog. Eagle eyed readers will notice that it now has its very own domain name (yay), and I'll be adding a few more pages linking to some of my other writing in the coming weeks.

I've decided that on Sundays from now on I'm going to post my "goals for the week", just so that you can get a flavour of what I'm up to, but also so that I can create a little bit of accountability for my plans going into 2018.

So, here we go for my first week of "This week I will mostly be..."

1) Getting my gas working again... I've been without gas for 9 days now, but on Tuesday I'm having the work done to get it back up and running (men running a new pipe, etc, etc). It hasn't been too much of a nightmare, but I will really relish having hot water on tap and central heating.

2) Posting Christmas cards... This year I'm well ahead of the …