Could electronic planning work for me?

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I would have shouted loudly, "I'm a paper girl".

I love stationery, notebooks, calendars, diaries, pens, pencils, the lot. I've vaguely toyed with putting appointments into Google Calendar before, but I've always kept paper planners as well. Imagine my surprise then when electronic planning sort of crept up on me...

Let's face it, whatever sized bag you take out with you, you always take your phone. If you decide not to take a bag and just put stuff in your pockets, you always take your phone. So I just started keeping my Google Calendar updated because it made sense to have my up to date schedule with me all the time. I still had a paper calendar on my kitchen wall and I still had a paper diary in my bag (and I have 2018 versions of both ready to go in the new year). So far not very surprising...

The surprise came with an electronic to do list.

When I was working as a Virtual Assistant, I used Trello to track projects and keep an eye on my workflow and it was great, but I hadn't used it for ages. A couple of months ago though, having worked out that I was always carrying my phone anyway, I decided to set up a board for my to dos just so that I could save paper but also know that I'd always have my list with me.

And so, I set up a board on Trello, just to see how it would work. I never actually anticipated finding it useful, but a couple of months down the line and I'm finding it a great resource. I use it, I update it and I check it.

It's a very simplified version of David Allen's "Getting Things Done" book, but I've found it fantastic. No, I'll never completely give up on pens and paper, I love them too much, but having found (surprisingly), that I can work with the system, I'm sticking with it.

How do you plan and keep track of your life?


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