Planning for 2018

I've spent a great couple of days preparing for 2018 with these two excellent books; the "Media Diary 2018" from Soulful PR with Janet Murray and "Your Best Year 2018" by Lisa Jacobs. Both were recommended by people I trust, and having made a start on planning the year, I believe that they're both going to be excellent tools to help me get what I want out of 2018.

I took a break from freelancing in 2015 and have only recently started again, having settled in my new home and got myself really focused on what I want to be doing.

2018 is set to be my year of "growth", my word for 2017 was "create", and having managed to create a solid starting point, I'm ready to grow in all areas of my life and work.

I'll be using both these books to track my progress and I will check in with you over the year to let you know how I'm getting on.

What's your word/phrase for 2018 and how are you planning to track your progress?


  1. Can mine be "no I am sorry but I do not have time for any more activities/work/etc" I tried last year but not
    very good at it!

    1. It absolutely can Ju, as long as we make time for coffee now and again x


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