Reasons to be cheerful - 7th December 2017

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

1) After a day of sawing, drilling, cutting, etc, etc, and then a new bit in the boiler...We have gas! Yes, our heating, hot water and cooker are now working - the gas is fixed! SO happy after 12 days without it.

2) This morning Boyzilla was greeted by a dead RAT outside the sitting room. Whilst yucky (but not as yucky as if I'd had to clean it up), it makes me hugely proud that my cats are, well, cats.

3) The two planning tools I ordered for 2018 to help me move forward with my plans to do more writing have arrived and I'm looking forward to spending big chunks of the next four days exploring them and planning for a fantabulous year.


  1. Phew re the gas! Better a dead rat than a live one ;-) Enjoy your new tools and hope they help.

    1. I know, gas couldn't have come back on line at a better time.


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