Reasons to be cheerful - 14th December 2017

So, I'm a bit late to the party this week, life and all that.

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart
But here are my reasons to be cheerful...
1) My new cooker is amazing... I hadn't realised how duff my old cooker was, but compared to my shiny new one it was really slow. I knew the oven wasn't as efficient as it could be (even before it stopped working all together), but the new one is making cooking pleasurable again.
2) Writing/blogging is picking up... Probably because I've actually been putting the effort into making things happen, they actually are. I'd been planning making 2018 the year of getting properly back into freelancing, but it seems to be starting a little bit earlier than I'd anticipated. I'm very happy about it though.
3) Christmas is coming...
Putting the decorations up always marks the real start of Christmas for me. I'm hoping the cats continue to be as disinterested in the tree as they've been since it went up yesterday afternoon.


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