A little bit of what you love

Today (8th January), is Bubble Bath Day and Wednesday (10th January), is Houseplant Appreciation Day. Today is also the birthday of a good friend of mine and yesterday I gave her a tealight holder and some tealights. Anyway, this all made me think about pampering and making time for ourselves.

I'm a great lover of baths, I didn't used to be, I thought they were an extravagance and a waste of time. For some years I lived in a house that only had a shower.

Now I only have a bath and I love it. I don't often have a long, lazy bubble bath, but I do certainly take longer over my morning bath than I would if I was having a shower.

I think better in the bath, being immersed in the warm water seems to free my brain.

I have one of those trays across my bath where you put all your bottles and I love sitting there deciding which bubbles and potions to use.

I used to jump in the shower, quick wash and on to the next thing, a bath just seems to set me up for the day more quietly.

And as for houseplants, I have a pot of hyacinths on my kitchen windowsill. I thought they were dead and I hadn't got round to chucking them out and all of a sudden (thanks to a steamy kitchen, because I haven't watered them), ping, they've grown again.

They're poisonous to cats, but they're far enough away from Leo and Harry to not pose a threat, and I love their colour and smell, so they're staying where they are.

And candles? I love a candle. All of the candles in my house at the moment were gifts from friends, so when I burn them it's not just about the light, but also the significance of who gave it to me, when and why.

And all of these things, baths and plants and candles give me pause in my busy life and offer the opportunity to be thankful for threats and the time to enjoy them.

Give yourself permission to enjoy some pampering time in your life.


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