Filofox Clipbook flip through

Long-time readers will know that I'm a sucker for a nice bit of stationery, so I was very excited to find what I think might be my dream notebook.

I've known for ages that my ideal notebook size is A5, plenty of space to write, but also not too big to fit in a bag.

I've also known that being able to swap pages around is important, because I'm often working on a few things at once and never know how many pages to leave in between, so some kind of ring-bound book.

The book couldn't be too heavy, again because of carrying it around.

To be honest, I'd come to the conclusion that a Filofax would be a possible option, but I'd discounted it because of the weight issue... And then I discovered the Clipbook.


Soft plastic cover and not too thick, with plenty of lined, squared and plain paper. There's also an undated diary (year, monthly and weekly pages), that I've decided to use for my business appointments and planning.

The other thing that I love is that the rings don't get in the way in the Clipbook like they often do in classic Filofax.

I've used the Clipbook for a couple of weeks now, in lots of different environments and I'm loving it. I really do think I've finally found my dream notebook.

Disclaimer: I purchased the Filofax Clipbook and extra inserts using my own money and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.


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