"It's life Jim..."

Today - January 2nd - is Science Fiction Day. I love good sci fi; to be fair, I love bad sci fi too. I love that it's almost plausible and that it challenges me to think about things differently. I love that - particularly with bad sci fi - I have to suspend my belief to wipe zips and bubble wrap from my mind's eye so that I can see the scary monsters.

Tom Baker was my Dr Who when I was little, and I spent many happy Saturdays with my younger brother (who celebrates his birthday today as well), hiding behind the sofa or a cushion being frightened out of our wits by Daleks and Cybermen.

On the flip side, I was also a HUGE fan of Blake's 7 with the wobbly sets and Christmas light computer ORAC.

And - of course - I have avidly watched Star Trek for as long as I can remember. I'm even watching the reboot films and shouting as I remember the original movies and plots.

Sci fi in all its forms should challenge us to imagine how the world could be and how we could react to the whole different ball game that changing lives, technologies and possibilities throws at us. But it should also be fun. A chance to talk about things and share fantastic stories and possibilities.

A life without sci fi would be less rich and anyway, I'm still waiting for my hover board!

What's your favourite sci fi?


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