Reason to be cheerful - 11th January 2018

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart
1) Back to work

I returned to work as a freelancer this week and I've managed to complete all the tasks I set myself. These mostly revolved around getting things organised and set up ready to move forward next week. It would have been super-easy to take a relaxed approach but I didn't, I've hit all my targets, which has been great.
2) More time for the important things

Working for myself means more flexibility about when and where I work and the ability to be around for my family and friends. It also means I can cook more, go out for more walks and just be more in control of things.
3) Filed my tax return
Yay! 'Nuff said.
4) Happy cats

Now I'm around more the feline masters - Harry especially - are thrilled. They follow me around and sleep in my office. So sweet!
So, those are my reasons to be cheerful this week, what are yours?


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