Reasons to be cheerful - 25th January 2018

Well, this has been a week, but there have been plenty of reasons to be cheerful, so here we go...

1) I don't have flu (yay). I wrote on Tuesday about how I thought I had flu. On Monday I felt absolutely dreadful all day. I've had a snuffly virus since way before Christmas, but it hasn't turned into anything more than that. Thankfully, by Tuesday it had turned into a little bit of a head cold, but nothing major, so I'm dosing up with lemsip, but I'm carrying on much as normal.

2) I cracked a new market for publication. I still get a buzz every time I see my name in print.

3) I've invested heavily in myself this week, not in terms of lots of money (though I did buy a new Mantaray shirt because (oops), it was half price in the sale. I've also spent time working ON my business, thinking carefully about what I'm doing now and how I want to develop things this year.

And I've spent a fair bit of time with my family, having fun.

So, how has your week been?

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