Reasons to be cheerful - 4th January 2018

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart
Technically I'm still on holiday, but here are my first r2bc for 2018...
1) It's STILL Christmas...
I leave my decorations up until 6th January (Epiphany, every year, so I'll be taking them down tomorrow.
Additionally, I decided to take until 8th January off, so I'm still on holiday.
2) Back to freelancing full time... I did my last shift in the shop just before Christmas. It was only a temporary job, with the chance that a longer contract might come out of it. Anyway, it didn't, but I'm excited about getting back to freelancing full time and working on some really exciting fiction and non-fiction projects.
3) Knitting...
I put my knitting down a month or so ago, but now I've picked it up again and I'm determined to finish this pair of socks this month.
4) Cooking from scratch...
Inspired by my friend Rin Hamburgh, and being home more, I've decided to try out one new recipe a week, as well as cooking more from scratch.
So, those are my reasons to be cheerful for this first week of 2018, what are yours?


  1. Love the balance you seem to have found in life - lots of creativity in there too. #R2BC

  2. Thanks Kate, hoping I can keep the balance up for the year :-)


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