This week I will be mostly - 8th January 2018

Returning to work

I made the decision to take two weeks off over Christmas as what a brilliant plan that turned out to be.

I didn't not work, in fact, I did a fair bit of reading and writing and planning, but I dipped in and out when I fancied and didn't worry about not being on social media - I didn't even schedule anything apart from a couple of blog posts.

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon in the company of a great group of women as we had lunch and a museum trip to celebrate the birthday of one of our number.

And today, I woke up excited about getting back to my desk and writing.

And I am excited, I'm excited to be my own boss again, and to be doing what I really love and to have a clear plan of where I want to go this year.

I feel energised by the fact that I put work firmly on the back burner for a couple of weeks and spent time with my family.

This week is all about setting the work plans I've made in motion, so I'm going to be a busy little bee!


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