This week is 'that' week

It's the middle of January (yes, really), and it's the week that holds 'blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year apparently.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), is 'Ditch New Years' Resolutions Day'. This is the day when people have tried out the resolutions they made in the warm fuzziness of the holidays in the cold light of January. Then, realising that the resolutions don't fit with real life, they dump them.

I purposely don't make resolutions because I know I won't keep them. I do choose a word for the year to focus my plans on. For 2018 my word is 'Growth', I want everything I do to move my life and business forward positively.

That means 'positively' for me, not pinned to the expectations of other people.

I am a glass half full person, I prefer focusing on the positives and I know an overarching word is far more helpful to me than pie in the sky resolutions that I'm not going to stick to.

Have you ditched your resolutions or did you make plans you knew you could stick to?


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