Goals for the week update - 10th February 2018

It struck me the other day that I've been posting my goals every week and then not really reviewing whether I've achieved them or not. So, from now on, every Saturday I'll post a review of how I've done at meeting my goals for the week.

You can read my goals for this week here, so how did I do?

Family things...I did get together with my cousins and I watched one win second place with her gorgeous sausage dog puppy at a dog show.

The family birthday was celebrated too.

Fiction... I did huge amounts of fiction writing and even submitted some for competitions, something I've been wanting to have the courage to do for ages.

Feature writing... Hasn't really happened this week as I seem to have been all about fiction and blogging.

Drawing... I've done a bit, not much, but I did write a piece of music

so I have stretched my creativity this wings a bit this week.

All in all, I'm calling this week a win, join me tomorrow to see what my goals are for the coming week.


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