Reasons to be cheerful - 1st February 2018

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This week has been such a bisy one - a reason to be cheerful in itself, but here are the things that have really cheered me this week.
1) I started going to yoga... I've been wanting to start for ages and there's a class locally, but I didn't fancy going on my own. Then my mum said she fancied it too, so we went together and had a great time. I was definitely aching in places I didn't know you could ache, but I've slept better this week than I have for ages and I'm looking forward to doing it all again next week.
2) Work is working... even though returning to being self-employed was completely the right thing to do, I was still worried about whether I'd get work and get paid, so this week I was pleased to see my name in print, to get some more commissions and to get paid for work I've completed.
I love the flexibility I've got now and that I'm not tied to regular Monday - Friday, 9-5 hours. In fact, I'm not tied to any hours, which meant I could...
3) Go for a day out with my mum and dad... Yes, I took the day off and went shopping and for lunch in Cardiff with my parents. It was a lovely, relaxed day and I even managed to buy the new set of kitchen knives my son has been hankering after and some white hot chocolate powder for me.
I had aubergine, mushroom and chickpea curry (Which I don't have at home because my son doesn't like aubergines or mushrooms), in my favourite eatery and generally had a lovely day.
So today I'm back at my desk working hard and feeling much more productive for having spent a few hours away.


  1. Glad that your working arrangements are working for you, and that cafe looks gorgeous!

    1. Ooh it is, if you're ever in Cardiff I'd highly recommend it.


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