Reasons to be cheerful - 8th February 2018

Actualy having my #r2bc post ready for Thursday is a reason to be cheerful for me, it's usually late on Thursday or early Friday before I get around to writing it. Anyway, here are my actually reasons to be cheerful this week.
1) I wrote some music...

It's years since I've done this, but it was a challenge set at my writing group. I composed it on garageband on my Mac and, as a bonus, discovered that the software generates and prints the sheet music, so I didn't have to write it by hand.
2) I've started entering my fiction for competitions... I only got back into writing fiction late last year, and I've never looked to entre competitions or get anything published, but this year I've decided to go for it and see where it takes me.
3) Yoga... I started going to a class just recently and am seeing the benefits already. I'm even practicing at home and am absolutely loving the experience.
4) Working smarter (and harder)... I've made a conserted effort to work out a way to plan my work weeks and days nad have managed to start getting far more achieved, so I'm getting closer to meeting my work goals and also creating my perfect life. Go me!
So those are my #r2bc this week, what are yours?
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  1. Wow to not only writing music but fiction too! I love yoga and do it with my class at school. Thanks for joining in!

  2. So much creative talent to celebrate right there. I am a little in awe. You reminded me that I keep promising to do yoga and need to work out a good way to start #R2BC

    1. I'd been promising myself to start yoga for ages, then I discovered a class at the local community centre AND that my mum was really keen to go too :-)


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