How does my garden grow?

Springtime in Wales, so daffodils and snow obviously!

Like all my plans, it started with a list of the things I want to grow (input from DS "Peas and whatever else you want").

I was waiting for the weather to become spring-like, but then I got bored and decided (unlike my great grandad, who didn't start on his allotment until Whitsun), to buy the seeds...

I ended up with tomatoes, rocket, salad leaves, radishes, spring onions, beetroot, parsnips, courgettes, onions, peppers, leeks, and spinach. I'll be growing green beans as well, but I'll buy them as plants from the garden centre.

I planted up the things to start inside before the 'mini beast from the east', hit.

I've got a new raised bed for growing the veggies and hopefully I'll get a good crop and be able to do plenty of cooking, freezing and sharing stuff with friends and neighbours.

I love gardening, spending time outside, getting some exercise and then enjoying the fruits of my labours.


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