I got too comfortable...

The Oxford English Dictionary defines "wellbeing" as "The state of being comfortable...", and although I want to write about wellbeing, getting comfortable became my undoing.

I got sloppy. Instead of doing what I really wanted to do I followed the crowd, or worse, took the easy route.

Then I got frustrated.

Then I got ill.

Then I sat about doing very little and feeling sorry for myself.

And after all that? I got real. I did what I needed to do. And it wasn't easy.

I took a good hard look at what I wanted to do and what I was actually doing to get there, and I laughed at how comfortable I had become.

And finally, I took the giant leap that I knew I needed to take, I got uncomfortable:

  • I invested in a course run by some professionals I respect and trust.
  • I took a good hard look at what I needed to change.
  • I got real, and instead of sitting about feeling sorry for myself, I took action.
It will take me a little while to get completely back on track, but at least I have a track to follow now.

What will change here?

This blog, just like the rest of my writing, will become much more focused. I want to write about:

  • Wellbeing
  • Living simply
So that's what you'll see here.

Watch this space...


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