Reasons to be cheerful - 15th March 2018

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart
Welcome to the 100th post on this blog!!!!!
This week I've managed to continue planning, and more importantly actually carrying through on the plans. This is making such a difference to my productivity and to actually feeling like I'm moving forward.
Last weekend I went out for lunch with my son on Saturday and then my parents came to us for lunch on Sunday, so the whole weekend turned into a Mother's Day celebration.

The cats continue to rule the roost and dictate the working pattern of most days.

I'm looking forward to getting losts done in the week ahead so that I can enjoy some down time next week... Watch this space...


  1. 100 posts is a great milestone and a wonderful reason to be cheerful! Have a lovely week! #R2BC

  2. Well done being focused and moving forward with your plans. Mich x


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