Reasons to be cheerful - 28th March 2018

This is a funny old week, I was away last week for a break catching up with old friends and I didn't get back to my desk until Tueday morning. That was fine, but this weekend is Easter, followed by my mum's birthday, so I've really only had a three day week this week. That's a reason to be cheerful in itself!
Anway, it was lovely to get away, but equally lovely to get back home. The cats were a bit sniffy for about five minutes, then they were back to being all over me.
I got back to my desk with lots of great ideas to develop and projects to work on over the coming three months, so watch this space for developments.
So my reasons to be cheerful this week are relaxation, rejuvination and keeping on moving forward. What are yours?
R2BC at Mummy from the Heart


  1. good memories, a long weekend, trip to Glasgow ahead

  2. Relaxation and rejuvenation sound a perfect combination!

  3. Ohhb what great reasons and just the perfect time of year to feel rejuvenated. Have a great Easter break Sarah. x


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