Reasons to be cheerful - 2nd March 2018

I've been away for a bit, but now I'm back.
Three weeks ago I got the flu that's been doing the rounds and really got knocked for six. On top of that, whilst I was feeling physically rubbish I completely hit a wall of "what am I even doing here?" My confidence in what I'm doing hit rock bottom and I just couldn't get going again once I felt better. And so, instead of just ploughing on for the sake of it, I decided to take a break and re-evaluate what I was doing.
R2BC at Mummy from the Heart
I'm back now, feeling that I know where I'm going. I need to slow down and take my work more seriously so that I get to where I want to be. 
I know where I want to go and I know what I need to do to get there... So here I go.
I did get a fiction piece published, which was so exciting and made me feel a lot better.
I'm cheerful because instead of giving up, I've sat back, thought it through and then got back on the horse.


  1. That sounds great. Its good to take a break at times and be able to re-evaluate and see what the next step is. Mich x


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