Reasons to be cheerful - 8th March 2018

Thank goodness the snow melted!
I've had a great week this week, mostly because I've got my head down and done some work.
I wrote here about how I'd just got too comfortable and I needed a kick to get me back to reality. I've worked harder this week than I have for ages and I actually feel like I'm moving forward rather than just treading water.
So my reason to be cheerful this week is... progress. 
This is short and sweet, mostly because I'm getting back to work on some of the projects I want to move forward... Go me!
R2BC at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Progress is a fab reason in its own right. I need to take a leaf from your book and give myself a good kick up the bum and move forward. Have a great weekend, Mich x

  2. I'd got completely stuck after having flu a few weeks back and just needed to push myself forward. You can do it!

  3. Short and sweet is good if positive!


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