Reasons to be cheerful - 12th April 2018

It's been a funny week this week. I realised I was 'going through the motions', really, stuck in a rut and just doing stuff for the sake of it. I couldn't really put my finger on what was wrong and then I read this post on the Lady Bluebottle blog and thought "that's where I'm at,  oh dear."
Anyway, after a couple of days of doing very little other than feeling sorry for myself, I thought "f**k it, I know what I want, I know what I need to do, so get on with it!"
Sp today I collected together all those "this might work", ideas and then I was asked to perform at a spoken word event next month, and then an editor commissioned a piece I really thought had disappeared into the interweb void.
And all of a sudden things didn't seem so bad.
I sat down and wrote a whole fiction story and I have an idea for another one.
I spent some time catching up with a friend and then hunkered down for a few hours in a coffee shop doing some more writing and having something to show for my day has put a definite smile on my face.
I touched base with my mentors too and have a clear plan of what I need to do to move forward positively.
I think the best way to describe this week would be " a bad week made good".
What are your #r2bc this week?
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