Reasons to be cheerful - 19th April 2018

Well, let's be honest for a start and say it's actually the 22nd now, due to busy living life reasons - and there's a reason to be cheerful all by itself. Here though are my real reasons to be cheerful this week.

The good weather has finally meant being able to get out in the garden and move some projects forward. My mum and dad are helping me lots with all the ongoing projects.

I've done some baking and also lots of cooking
of delicious and pretty healthy food. Having realised just how badly I was treating myself, I've made a concerted effort to spend time looking after myself.

I'm getting lots of writing done but challenging myself to go beyond the stuff I've done before to write more interesting and enjoyable stuff
And last but not least, work is going really well, I'm picking up more regular commissions and also getting lots of fiction planned and written.
All in all, a really good week and a great base to build on. What are your reasons to be cheerful this week?
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