Reasons to be cheerful - 26th April 2018

My first reason to be cheerful this week is continuing with my plan to make good food. Here's the fish pie I made on Tuesday (yes, I even made the white sauce from scratch). It was followed by ice cream topped with blackberries from my garden cooked in maple syrup and whisky. 

I had got into the habit of eating really badly, but I'm back on meal planning and prepping lots from scratch again and it's making a big difference.

Writing is going very well and I've managed to keep to my promise of sending out one pitch to a magazine editor every day. It's a simple fact that the more ideas I send out, the more commissions I'll get (writing really isn't rocket science), so hopefully I'll be getting a steady stream of emails from editors saying "yes please".

And lastly, my seedlings are fast turning into plants and it's time to move them out of the house and into the greenhouse to harden off ready to be planted in the ground. The tomatoes and peppers will nearly all stay in the greenhouse, although I am planning to plant a couple outside just to see how they do. The beans and the courgettes will be planted outside and then it'll be time to plant all the seeds that just need to go straight into the ground (more about that in the coming weeks).

All in all this week has been a super-productive one and I'm very happy being very busy.

What are your highlights this week?
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