Reasons to be cheerful - 5th April 2018

The sun is shining! That's reason enough to be cheerful, especially after all the rain we had yesterday.
Talking of yesterday, I enjoyed a lovely lunch out with my family to celebrate mum's birthday. It was lovely that the seven of us were together and were able to enjoy a leisurely lunch. We also decided to use public transport and mum rebelliously chose to sit at the back of the bus, we were like a gang of schoolkids!
My seeds are growing, which is very exciting. I "may", have erred on the side of caution and planted "slightly", more seeds than the number of plants that I actually need, but better safe than sorry.
And finally this week, having had a lovely couple of breaks over the last two weeks, I'm now back to work feeling positive and refreashed, so I've got lots of planning and writing done, and I have lots of ideas about where I want to go next.
What are your reason to be cheerful this week?
R2BC at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Great to read how time away helps you feel focused and ready for your next chapter/s as it were. #R2BC

  2. The sun certainly lifts the mood! Yay to family lunches and growing things


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