Meal planning is not rocket science (here's how I do it)

There are two basic essential bits to meal planning, they are:

1) Making the plan
2)Following the plan

That's it, it's that simple. Here's how I do it.

First, you'll need a calendar/diary/planner, wherever it is that you keep your family's schedule, a notebook and a pen.

DON'T get distracted by thinking that you need anything fancy, you don't.

I plan my meals and shopping on a Tuesday because I go shopping on a Wednesday morning, I shop weekly.

First I check my diary to make sure I know what's going on in the upcoming week. I only plan lunches and dinners, not that we don't eat breakfast, but we usually have the same things and I just have those in the house anyway.

Once I know what's going on in the week I plan meals based on the time I have available and what food is already in the freezer, fridge or pantry.

I write in on a piece of paper and note down whether I have the stuff already.

If I need to buy particular things from somewhere other than the supermarket I write that down too, just to remind me to go there.

Then, from that list and a quick scoot around the fridge and pantry to check what ingredients I already have, I write a shopping list.

I take the list to the store (I actually know someone who takes a photo of their handwritten list with their phone in case they forget the list!). And then on Wednesday I go and do my shopping and I STICK TO THE LIST!!! That way I save on food waste and get the job done quickly.

Finally, I make sure I cook the meals I plan, often making extra to freeze and away we go.

As with most other things in life, the planning isn't the problem, it's executing the plan where we often fail.

How do you plan your meals?


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