Monthly, weekly and daily planning: how I do it

It's almost the end of May, we're nearly at the halfway point of the year! How did that happen?

Anyway, having shared my meal planning routine with you last week, I thought I share my life/work planning to. So here goes.

Above is our family calendar. It lives on the wall in the kitchen and it has all our appointments on it. There are only two of us (and two cats), so having FINALLY trained the teen to actually write his appointments on the calendar we don't get any more complicated than that, but at least we know what's going on.

I've tried a few different planners this year and none of them has been quite right, so I went back to bullet journalling in this gorgeous emerald Leuchtturm 1917 dot grid book and I'm loving it.

My future months look like this

My current month like this

My weekly spread (which I like just so that I can get a 'big picture' view of how busy I am) looks like this

And finally, my daily plans look like this

You can see that it's not very colourful or decorated because I just wanted to strip it back to the functionality that the original Bullet Journal concept went for (you can see that here)

The coloured bands at the top of every day are my time blocking for every 24 hours, as used by Kara at Boho Berry. You can watch her explanation here.

I use the band to 'calendar block' my tasks, which essentially means I give each task I do a block of time to get it completed in (there's a video here) that explains the idea in more detail.

And yes, I do stick to the times, and yes it does work if you commit to showing up and actually doing the things when you say you're going to do them.

Tomorrow I'll share a more detailed breakdown of how I plan my week and my days so you can see exactly how I do it, but for now, how do you plan to get all your stuff done? Leave a comment below


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