Planning my weeks and my days (including why you need to change how you view yourself)

In yesterday's post, I gave you a brief flavour of how I plan and I promised you that I'd give a more detailed explanation of how I plan my weeks and my days, so here goes...

Weekly planning

This happens on a Sunday, usually in the evening. I sit down with the family calendar and my bullet journal and Google Calendar (where I keep a record of work I need to chase). And I transfer everything onto a weekly spread in my bullet journal. This includes the things that happen every week:

  • House chores (always first thing Monday morning)
  • My weekly yoga class (Monday evening)
  • Meal planning and shopping list writing (Tuesday afternoon/evening)
  • Food shopping (Wednesday morning)
  • Church, including if I'm reading (Sunday morning)
And then any other appointments or events for me, my son, the cats. 

And finally, anything that has to happen on specific days of the upcoming week.

All that gives me a good 'big picture' view of my week, so that I can see exactly what's happening and exactly how much time I have available every day for work and other projects.

Daily planning

Looks like this is my bullet journal, with not just a list of the things I need to do, but also specific time blocked out. Basically, I find that if I actually book appointments with myself to do the work then the work gets done if it's just a to-do list it sort of just lingers on the list.

You can just as easily do this calendar blocking technique on Google Calendar or whatever you use, but the key is to treat yourself just as you would anyone else you make an appointment with and actually show up and do the work!

And yes, I do schedule when I sleep.


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