Rainy days are not for gardening...

Wet ground and a grey sky, the kind of day that makes a gardener's heart sink, or does it? Just because it's too wet to go outside doesn't mean there's nothing to do...

First, there's

the seedlings that need watering and tending and talking to to encourage them to grow that little bit more.


there are the houseplants. These are hyacinths that I've had for a couple of years. They sit on my kitchen windowsill and doing nothing for ages, then have a glorious few weeks of growing and flowering and then they disappear again.

And once all that's been done, there's

books and magazines to flick through looking for inspiration and instruction. And there's

 Pinterest to look and lust over.

And after all that, if you're really lucky

the sun comes out, and you can get back into the garden after all.


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